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 about  chinochinochino

(b. 1987, Hong Kong)

Graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2011.

Comprising mainly drawing, painting, and installation. 

Chino ’s artwork is centered around the concept of "gaze,"

using rich textures and reflective elements to convey the depth and tension of the subject matter.

The works employ a variety of materials, from stones to transparent resins,

to explore the sensations that arise when light penetrates through different substances.

The refraction and diffusion of light on these materials result in ever-changing forms and patterns,

creating a unique tactile quality. 


Chino also as a illustrator named SAAMSYU.

IG @chino_nkc / @chinochinochino / @saamsyu

2015 / Artist residency of Essentis Ecohotel, Berlin, Germany

2015 / That guy joint exhibition, HK

2016 / Stone after stone solo exhibition @ A Walk with A3 Space, HK

2016 / An installation of paint solo exhibition @ A Walk with A3 Space, HK

2017 / Chill at work joint exhibition, HK

2018 / Selected by ASYAAF & Hidden Artists Festival, Seoul, Korea

2018 / A month an artist joint exhibition, HK

2018 / Nature/Objects dual solo exhibitions @ Kubrick, HK

2020 / Until u r safe solo exhibition @ Parallel Space, HK

2022 / 38.4 Joint Show @ Art Space 1999 & @ Wure Area, HK

2022 / A Book Act Joint Show @ Karin Weber, HK

2023 / MEOW PAINTER Duo Solo Show @ Art Space 1999, HK

2023 / “This This” Joint Show Part l curated by CRHK903 @ Odds and ends Gallery, HK

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